Our Srar

Our Star
Its image is mesmerizing - out of this world - through a solar telescope...
A star full of life, willing to talk to you, sometimes through its carefree fairies (prominences), dancing at the disk limbs or its black halos (sun spots) and serpentine figures (filaments), crawling on its surface making any observer gazing at them in awe...

A fascinating spectacle changing every day without repeating the magic of the previous day...
This is what makes it a unique, worth observing celestial object by amateur and professional astronomers alike....

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Peter Desypris

Hydrogen-alpha & White Light Solar imaging

Friday, December 28, 2012

Solar Activity on 2012-12-27


LUNT LS60THa-(single stack)-with B1200
Barlow Coronado CEMAX 2X &Neodymium Sky Glow filter
on NEQ6-Pro

Lucam Recorder-Autostakkert!2(AS!2)-Registax 6-Photoshop CS5

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